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Here are my thoughts on the most important issues of this campaign.

Aquí están mis pensamientos sobre los temas más importantes de esta campaña.

Support for Teachers, Staff and Administrators

The current global health pandemic from the novel Coronavirus has literally changed the face of our education profile overnight. Our teachers need an incredible response, new resources, and support system to help deal with distance learning through this unprecedented time. 

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Career Technical Education (CTE)

Not every child can or should go to college. We have a shortage of skilled workers in the trades and not enough support to prepare the next generation of plumbers, electricians, and mechanics. (Read More)

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs are the number one investment we can make in education to help our children succeed. For every dollar invested in ECE programs, we save nearly $17 in return.  (Read More)

Parent and Family Engagement

When parents are involved in decision making we know that students have better attendance and can support teaching and learning as true partners. With the new Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP), authentic family engagement is part of the ten state priorities that local schools are held accountable for. Schools now need to engage families and have them be part of the process of deciding what the best programs are for the children in their schools. (Read More)

Arts Education

As Californians we have one of the largest industries in the arts in the United States, yet our children have continuously not had the benefit of a full fine arts program in their schools. Arts should not be something that our teachers do at the end of the day, but instead art should be incorporated throughout the day in our curriculum. (Read More)

Closing the Achievement and Opportunity Gap

Across Sonoma County, many of our Latino/a students are still not being offered the education they need to succeed in college, and in a career. (Read More)

School Funding

The Local Control Funding Formula has shifted the way funds are distributed to schools in California. While this shift was necessary, and provided a more equitable way of funding our schools, it did not increase funding and many of our local schools have lost funding in the process.

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School Facilities

The CA School Bond money is gone, unfortunately. Some of our local schools have passed local school bonds, but many will not receive the matching grant money from our state simply because the state has not prioritized any additional money.  (Read More)

Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) education and the Next Generation of Science Standards (NGSS)

The STEM industry is the fastest growing industry in our nation. Ensuring that our students have access to hands on learning that includes STEM education is vital if we want to prepare our children to compete in a global economy.  (Read More)

College and Career Readiness

Our children deserve to leave our schools college and career ready. No matter if our students have the goal of going to college or into the trade industry, we must ensure that they are prepared. This means that our schools need to have classroom options of CTE courses and A-G courses. (Read More)

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