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Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) education and the Next Generation of Science Standards (NGSS)

The STEM industry is the fastest growing industry in our nation. Ensuring that our students have access to hands on learning that includes STEM education is vital if we want to prepare our children to compete in a global economy. Supporting our teachers through professional development and giving them the time, they need to redesign how science is taught in our schools. We need to ensure teachers have the proper supplies and tools in their classrooms as well. STEM education creates critical thinkers and develops our students to be the problem solvers of tomorrow. STEM education is more than science, technology, engineering and math skills. It is about creativity, inquiry and design thinking. We need to continue to encourage our children to have perseverance so that they can solve the problems of our future. I have been part of the movement in STEM education, we must make sure that our classrooms are equipped to promote STEM education, and we need to ensure that children are exposed at a young age so that all children particularly girls see themselves as scientists and mathematicians. When parents have a deeper understanding of the importance of STEM education they can make the best decisions for their children with their teachers and decision makers. 


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